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 UK /kɑːst/

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all the actors in film or play

Adjectives frequently used with cast
with famous actors: all-star, star-studded, stellarSome people have complained that the production does not contain a stellar cast, as promised.very good: excellent, impressive, strong, superb, talented, terrificThe cast are all absolutely terrific, and the script is intelligent and often very funny.types of actors: all-female, all-male, ensemble, non-professional, supportingThe carefully selected supporting cast are also superb.
Verbs frequently used with cast
have a cast: boast, feature, haveSet in Wisconsin in the 1970s, the show boasts a cast of the brightest stars in the business.

Usage note

A person in a cast is a member of the cast: Quite a few members of the cast had also starred in the original production.

lead a cast: head, leadThe cast is headed by Eva Bartok as Veronique, the mistress of a Balkan king.
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