catastrophic collocations and examples

 UK /ˌkætəˈstrɒfɪk/

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causing a lot of damage or suffering; very bad

Adverbs frequently used with catastrophic
possibly: possibly, potentiallyThe earth could warm relatively rapidly, with potentially catastrophic effect.very: absolutely, truly, utterlyThe consequences for our way of life – and for the lives of the generations who will follow us – could be truly catastrophic.
Nouns frequently used with catastrophic
natural event: earthquake, flood, floodingCatastrophic floods are a common natural disaster in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.failure or damage: collapse, damage, decline, defeat, failure, injury, lossHouse prices will suffer a catastrophic collapse.effect: effectThe low price of coffee had a catastrophic effect on the lives of millions of small farmers.event: accident, event, incidentThere is the ever-present danger of a catastrophic accident.
Verbs frequently used with catastrophic
be: be, proveThe decision proved catastrophic.
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