cater for collocations and examples

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provide people with everything they want or need

Adverbs frequently used with cater for
mainly: mainly, mostly, primarilyThe skiing at Bormio is fairly limited with only 33kms of marked runs catering mainly for beginners and intermediates.especially: especially, exclusively, specificallyA number of specialist hotels around the UK cater specifically for blind and partially sighted people.well: adequately, amply, fully, properly, wellHave the needs of disabled students been adequately catered for?
Nouns frequently used as the object of cater for
type of person: beginners, children, everyone, groups, parties, pupils, tourists, travellers, visitorsThese trips are of varying standards, but some cater for beginners.needs or wants: demand, demands, needs, requirements, tastesIt is questionable whether the ambulance service will be able to cater for future demand.The facilities are equipped to cater for the demands of the most discerning tourists.different types: level, range, type, varietyThe schools have special units which cater for a variety of special educational needs.
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