cautious collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɔːʃəs/

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careful to avoid problems or danger

Adverbs frequently used with cautious
too: excessively, over, overly, too, undulyWe feel that the Commission may have been overly cautious.naturally: naturally, understandablyMuseums are understandably cautious about lending out works.very: extremely, veryBe extremely cautious when stepping on and off trams.
Nouns frequently used with cautious
approach, assumption, attitude, interpretation, optimism, stance, view, welcomeManufacturers expressed cautious optimism for the year ahead.
Verbs frequently used with cautious
be, become, feel, make someone, remain, seemBe cautious about making statements concerning your desire for promotion.His previous experiences had made him understandably cautious.
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