cease collocations and examples

 UK /siːs/

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stop happening or continuing

Adverbs frequently used with cease
immediately: forthwith, immediatelyThis practice is most undesirable and must cease forthwith.suddenly: abruptly, suddenlyAnd then the battle ceased as suddenly as it began.completely or permanently: altogether, completely, entirely, permanentlyVisibility then became very poor and firing ceased altogether.almost: almost, practically, virtuallyClearance for agriculture has virtually ceased but continues for residential and tourist development.in effect: effectivelyWith the budget cuts new building has effectively ceased.finally: eventually, finallyTin mining only finally ceased at the end of the 20th century.for a short time: temporarilyWeather forecasts temporarily ceased, although storm warnings were continued.
Nouns frequently used as the subject of cease
fighting: bombardment, fighting, firing, gunfire, hostilities, operationsOnce hostilities ceased, we separated and went our own ways.activity: activities, activityThe charity is flourishing but our fundraising activities never cease.At the moment of death all brain activity ceases.production or trading: operations, production, tradingProduction at the car plant ceased in 2005.

stop doing something

Nouns frequently used as the object of cease
activity, manufacture, operation, production, trading, workThe magazine has not ceased production, but has merely been postponed a bit.
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