celebrity collocations and examples

 UK /səˈlebrəti/

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a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport

Adjectives frequently used with celebrity
very famous: A-list, famous, high-profile, international, major, top, well-knownHer glamorous clothes are often worn by A-list celebrities including Kate Winslet and Nicole Kidman.not very famous: C-list, local, minorHe went on the road for six months, a minor celebrity touring the country.suddenly famous: instant, overnightReality TV makes instant celebrities, but their shelf-life is limited.
Nouns frequently used after celebrity
saying what a celebrity does: chef, cook, gardener, hairdresser, presenter, speaker, stylist, supporterThe original celebrity chef, Mrs Patten has been cooking for nearly 60 years.involving or done by celebrities: culture, endorsement, guest, interviewCelebrity endorsements can be two-edged, with the potential to strengthen or weaken political messages.My job is to book the stars and celebrity guests from film, TV, theatre and music.about celebrities: gossip, magazineWe have a wide choice of magazines covering topics such as music, current affairs, celebrity gossip, education and employment.
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