census collocations and examples

 UK /ˈsensəs/

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the process of officially counting something, especially the number of people in a country

Adjectives frequently used with census
types of census: federal, national, official, religiousThe 1901 national census is now available online.
Nouns frequently used before census
population, traffic, wildlifeA traffic census was carried out on the roads leading into the city.periods between censuses: annual, decennial, ten-yearlyFor most people, the ten-yearly census is just another form to fill in.
Verbs frequently used with census
carry out, conduct, hold, take, undertakeThe census is carried out every ten years, but population statistics are required on a more regular basis.
Nouns frequently used after census
person who takes a census: enumerator, takerWomen census takers first took up posts in 1891.information from a census: data, figures, records, statisticsI have used small area census data for 1971 and 1991.where information is recorded: form, returnPlaces of birth are often listed in the census returns.
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