ceremony collocations and examples

 UK /ˈserəməni/

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a formal public event with special traditions

Adjectives frequently used with ceremony
big and special: elaborate, glittering, grand, lavish, prestigious, specialWinners will be announced at a glittering ceremony.small or simple: simpleThe couple married last September in a simple ceremony in Cornwall.types of ceremony: civil, formal, official, religious, traditionalYour Aboriginal hosts will welcome you to the region in a traditional ceremony.at the beginning/end of an event: closing, openingThe formal opening ceremony was performed by the Society’s president, the Duke of Westminster.
Nouns frequently used before ceremony
awards, civil partnership, degree, graduation, inauguration, initiation, marriage, naming, prize-giving, unveiling, weddingThe honorary degrees will be awarded at this year’s graduation ceremonies.
Verbs frequently used with ceremony
attend, conduct, hold, host, performThe stadium now has a licence to host civil marriage ceremonies.
Verbs that frequently follow ceremony
celebrate something, mark something, take placeThere was a special ceremony to mark the opening of the new department.
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