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 UK /tʃeɪn/

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a series of things, people or events

Adjectives frequently used with chain
long: endless, long, unbrokenAn endless chain of mountains swept towards the horizon.of people: humanWe formed a human chain to pass the boxes along out of the way of the fire.
Verbs frequently used with chain
breakTeachers were trying to break the chain of events that could lead to exam failure.
things that happen: eventsAs an archaeologist I have come to understand something about the chain of events that have taken us from the Stone Age to the Space Age.similar objects: beacons, hills, islands, mountains, volcanoesMany South American countries are connected by the long chain of mountains known as the Andes Cordillera.

a group of businesses belonging to the same company

Adjectives frequently used with chain
big: big, large, majorThe strategies of the major chains have included intense price competition and loyalty schemes.where the chain operates: international, national, nationwideSo far there are three stores in central London, but the aim is to establish a nationwide chain of 100.
Nouns frequently used before chain
fashion, fast-food, grocery, high-street, hotel, pub, restaurant, retail, supermarketFairtrade fruit is now available in major supermarket chains across the country.
Nouns frequently used after chain of
hotels, restaurants, shops, storesShe runs a chain of six hotels in Scotland.
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