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 UK /tʃɑːns/

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an opportunity to do something

Adjectives frequently used with chance
good: big, good, great, realDon’t miss this great chance to buy these popular items at a very special price.types of chance: last, only, rare, secondWe both feel privileged to be given a second chance of love.
Verbs frequently used with chance
have a chance: get, haveIf you get a chance, read this book. It’s great.use a chance: grab, jump at, seize, takeI always wanted to visit Sri Lanka, so when I saw a half price holiday offer, I jumped at the chance.waste a chance: blow informal, miss, squander, wasteBates blew a great chance to score.give someone a chance: give someone, offer (someone)The hotel is peaceful and offers a chance to explore the country away from the crowds.enjoy the chance: enjoy, relishI’m relishing the chance to test myself against some of the best players in the division.deserve a chance: deserveShe deserves a chance to prove that she can do the job.

the possibility something that will happen

Adjectives frequently used with chance
good: clear-cut, decent, fair, good, great, real, realistic, reasonable, strongThere was a good chance that the sky would clear later in the day.not good: little, outside, remote, slimThe party never had more than a slim chance of likely a chance is: even, fifty-fifty, 10 per cent, 50 per cent etc, one-in-five, one-in-ten etcHe had a fifty-fifty chance of survival.
Verbs frequently used with chance
have a chance: haveWith sound management, it has every chance of success.

Usage note

If you want to talk about the possibility of someone achieving something, you can use the phrases stand a chance or be in with a chance: You need to prove that you can sell things, otherwise you don’t stand a chance.To be in with a chance of winning, answer these two simple questions.

increase a chance: improve, increase, maximizeResearch revealed that the drug could increase the chance of developing breast cancer.reduce a chance: jeopardize, lessen, minimize, reduce, ruinImproving security in your home can help to minimize the chances of a burglary.
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