character collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkærɪktə(r)/

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the qualities that make up someone’s personality

Verbs frequently used with character
reflect, reveal, showAt the end of the novel her true character is revealed.
Nouns frequently used after character
defect, flaw, traitHis kindness was one of his most endearing character traits.

the qualities that make something different

Adjectives frequently used with character
distinct, distinctive, uniqueThe city of Rodez boasts a rich and vibrant atmosphere as well as a unique character and charm.
Verbs frequently used with character
keep its character: keep, maintain, preserve, retainThe picturesque fishing town of Deal has retained its eighteenth century character with quaint alleyways and fisherman’s cottages.have or give something a character: give something, have, reflectThe bars and restaurants give the town a sophisticated character.All the Cambridge colleges have different characters.lose its character: loseAre Britain’s High Streets losing their character?

someone in a book, film etc

Adjectives frequently used with character
main: central, lead, leading, main, principalThe film’s two main characters fall in love.less important: minor, supportingShe played a minor character in the movie.types of character: believable, likeable, lovable, sympatheticThe book is full of totally believable characters.
Verbs frequently used with character
create, depict, feature, play, portrayActors need talent and training that will enable them to portray different characters.
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