charge collocations and examples

 UK /tʃɑː(r)dʒ/

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an amount of money that you have to pay

Adjectives frequently used with charge
extra: additional, excess, extraRental does not include linen and there is an extra charge for this.small: minimum, modest, nominal, smallMost of our services are provided free or at nominal charge.high: extortionate, hefty, highThe parking charges were extortionate so I wouldn’t park there again.made how often: annual, daily, monthly, yearlyThere is a daily charge of five pounds for parking.fixed or usual: fixed, standardThere is a fixed service charge of £1,000 a year.hidden: hiddenWith car hire there are often hidden charges to look out for.
Nouns frequently used before charge
administration, admission, bank, call, cancellation, delivery, hire, parking, penalty, postage, prescription, service, shippingIf you cancel your reservation cancellation charges will be made.
Verbs frequently used with charge
involve a charge: incurThis service incurs a small a charge: payYou will be asked to pay a small charge for the service.make a charge: impose, levy, makeA charge is made to cover the costs of ensuring that the work complies with the regulations.start to make a charge: introduceCars have kept off the busiest roads in central London since the charge was introduced in February.stop making a charge: abolishThe government decided to abolish museum charges.cancel the usual charge: waiveThe delivery charge is waived on orders over £45.

Usage note

If you want to say there is no charge for something, you can say it is free of charge: You can download the software free of charge.


an official statement accusing someone of crime or of doing something bad

Adjectives frequently used with charge
criminal, trumped-upHe was quite correctly acquitted of the trumped-up charge against him.
Verbs frequently used with charge
have a charge made against you: answer, faceThe woman is facing charges of fraud.make a charge: bring, pressHe could press charges for assault.take back a charge: dismiss, drop, withdrawA judge later dismissed the charges because of a lack of evidence.deny a charge: deny, rejectShah has denied charges of aggravated vehicle taking.admit a charge: admitThe teenager was sentenced last week after admitting 12 charges including theft and found guilty of a charge: be convicted ofIf convicted of the charges, the actor could face a maximum of seven years in found not guilty of a charge: be acquitted of, be cleared ofWhen they went to court they were cleared of all charges.
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