chase collocations and examples

 UK /tʃeɪs/

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an attempt to catch someone

Adjectives frequently used with chase
dramatic, exciting, frantic, high-speed, mad, spectacular, thrillingThe movie ends with a dramatic car chase through the streets of Los Angeles.
Nouns frequently used before chase
car, helicopter, motorcycle, policeThe five teenagers were involved in a police chase late on Monday night.
Verbs frequently used with chase
take part in a chase: begin, continue, join, startHe started a high-speed chase across Europe, followed by the police.

Usage note

You can also say that someone gives chase when they start chasing someone: Officer Marshall saw the prisoner running away, and he gave chase and secured him.

not continue with a chase: abandon, give upWe followed him until night forced us to abandon the chase.

Verbs that frequently follow chase
begin, continue, ensue, followThe thief tries to escape, and a chase ensues.
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