chat collocations and examples

 UK /tʃæt/

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a friendly conversationthe exchange of informal written messages using the internet

Adjectives frequently used with chat
informal: cosy, friendly, informal, nice, pleasantWe were invited in for coffee, and I had a pleasant chat with Madge.short: brief, little, quickAfter a quick chat with my parents, I phoned my girlfriend.private: confidential, one-to-one, private, quietWe can offer you a free confidential chat with one of our experienced advisers.
Adjectives frequently used with chat
instant, live, online, real-time, text-basedWe can provide practical advice by email, instant chat, or phone.
Nouns frequently used after chat
area, facility, forum, room, session, windowYou can contact the team using the members’ online chat facility.
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