cheap collocations and examples

 UK /tʃiːp/

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not expensive

Adverbs frequently used with cheap
very: amazingly, extremely, fantastically, incredibly, really, ridiculously, unbelievably, veryBy European standards, the cost of medical care here is incredibly cheap.rather: fairly, pretty, quite, reasonablyWe stayed at the Hotel Alba, which was clean, friendly, and reasonably comparisons: considerably, far, a lot, much, relatively, significantly, slightly, substantiallyIt’s often considerably cheaper to buy online than in the store.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with cheap
in a good way: convenient, easy, efficient, fast, quick, reliable, simpleThe treatment is quick, simple, and cheap.of low quality: nasty, shoddy, tackyThe room was clean, but the furniture looked cheap and tacky.

unfair, unkind, or dishonest

Nouns frequently used with cheap
jibe, joke, shot, stunt, trickI’m not going to listen to him making cheap jibes about my car.
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