check collocations and examples

 UK /tʃek/

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look at something to make sure that it is right, good, or safe

Adverbs frequently used with check
regularly: always, daily, periodically, regularly, routinelyAll the safety equipment is checked daily.carefully: carefully, rigorously, thoroughlyCheck the document carefully before signing it.before doing anything else: beforehand, firstIf you have any doubts, please check beforehand.
Nouns frequently used as the object of check
accuracy, authenticity, credentials, eligibility, suitability, validityIt has not been possible to check the accuracy of this data.
Nouns frequently used after check for
being in an acceptable state: accuracy, completeness, compliance, consistency, safety, suitability, validityAll our employees are checked for their suitability for working with young people.problems: abnormalities, contamination, damage, errors, infection, leaks, signs, virus, wearThe unit should be checked regularly for any signs of damage.The play equipment is checked for wear and damage once a week.
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