cheer collocations and examples

 UK /tʃɪə(r)/

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a loud shout of approval or happiness

Adjectives frequently used with cheer
almighty, big, deafening, huge, loud, massive, rapturous, resounding, rousing, thunderousAs he stepped onto the stage there was a massive cheer.
Verbs frequently used with cheer
give a cheer: give, let out, raiseThe crowd let out an almighty cheered: be greeted with, elicit, get, receiveEvery speaker was greeted with loud cheers.
Verbs that frequently follow cheer
break out, erupt, go up, ring out
Nouns frequently used after cheer from
audience, crowd, fan, public, spectator, supporterThe band appeared on stage to loud cheers from the audience.

Usage note

People say three cheers for someone when they want people to cheer three times to show their approval: Three cheers for the captain and her team!

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