childhood collocations and examples

 UK /ˈtʃaɪldˌhʊd/

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the time in your life when you are a child

Adjectives frequently used with childhood
happy: carefree, happy, idyllic, privilegedScott had an idyllic childhood, growing up on his parents’ small farm.unhappy: abusive, difficult, lonely, miserable, tough, traumatic, troubled, unhappyPeter recalls his miserable childhood in a large, cold, country house.
Verbs frequently used with childhood
experience your childhood: enjoy, experience, have, spendShe spent her early childhood in Germany.experience your childhood again: recall, recreate, relive, remember, revisitMany of us relive our childhood by becoming parents.
Nouns frequently used after childhood
thoughts and feelings: ambition, dream, innocence, memoriesHe may never be able to fulfil his childhood dream of climbing problems: asthma, blindness, cancer, deafness, disease, epilepsy, illness, leukaemia, obesityChildhood obesity is becoming a serious problem in the western world.other problems: abuse, depression, traumaThe report notes an increase in childhood depression, drug abuse, and self-harm.
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