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 UK /tʃɔɪs/

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the opportunity or right to choose

Adjectives frequently used with choice
consumer, parental, patient, personalThe supermarkets promise us greater consumer choice.
Verbs frequently used with choice
have the right to choose: exercise, havePeople can now exercise real choice over where they live.give someone a choice: give someone, offer someone, present someone withAn important principle is to give customers a choice between several options.give someone more choice: extend, increase, widenSome of us disagree with the whole idea of widening consumer choice.give someone less choice: constrain, limit, narrow, restrictIf you have your heart set on staying close to home, this may narrow your choice of university and courses.

a decision to choose someone or something

Adjectives frequently used with choice
good: excellent, good, ideal, inspired, perfect, rightSelecting her to lead the team turned out to be an inspired choice.based on careful thought: conscious, informed, rational, wiseThey help people to make informed choices regarding healthy eating.difficult: difficult, hard, stark, toughThe church gave him a stark choice: stop his political activity or leave.
Verbs frequently used with choice
make a choice: be faced with, face, makeParents face difficult choices when balancing work and family life.affect a choice: affect, dictate, guide, influence, informThe number of people you invite will dictate your choice of venue.

a range of things for choosing from

Adjectives frequently used with choice
good, great, wideThe old town has a wide choice of shops, bars and restaurants.
Verbs frequently used with choice
have, offerThe menu offers an impressive choice of dishes for all tastes.
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