chorus collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɔːrəs/

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part of a song that is repeated several times

Adjectives frequently used with chorus
catchy, infectious, melodic, memorable, rousing, sing-a-long, strong, upbeatThe songs on this album all have incredibly infectious choruses.
Verbs frequently used with chorus
hum, join in, repeat, singThe crowd, with arms waving, joined in the chorus.

a group of people all expressing the same opinion

Adjectives frequently used with chorus
growing, swelling, vocalHe has joined the growing chorus of opinion warning against military action.
Verbs frequently used with chorus
be greeted by, be met with, lead to, provokeThe announcement was met with a chorus of disapproval.
Nouns frequently used after chorus of
showing approval: approval, praiseHiddink added his voice to the chorus of praise for the fans.showing disapproval: complaints, condemnation, criticism, disapproval, jeers, opposition, protestDespite the chorus of criticism, the President went ahead with his plan.
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