circulate collocations and examples

 UK /ˈsɜː(r)kjʊleɪt/

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be told or passed to many people

Nouns frequently used as the subject of circulate
story: joke, myth, rumour, storyThere is a rumour circulating that the Science Museum might be relocated.illness: flu, influenza, virusBlood tests have confirmed that the virus is circulating in the area.

send a message to all members of group

Adverbs frequently used with circulate
electronically, internally, widelyThe draft report was circulated widely among local pressure groups.
Nouns frequently used as the object of circulate
copy, document, draft, email, information, leaflet, letter, memo, minutes, newsletter, note, paper, petition, questionnaire, reportThe memo is then circulated to the relevant academic staff.
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