circumstance collocations and examples

 UK /ˈsɜː(r)kəmstəns/

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a fact or condition that affects something

Adjectives frequently used with circumstance
special: exceptional, extenuating, extreme, mitigating, special, unusualThe fact that you were using a phone for the purpose of your work whilst driving will not be accepted as mitigating circumstances.unexpected: unforeseeable, unforeseenDue to unforeseeable circumstances, occasionally your Care Worker may be delayed.

Usage note

It is common to talk about circumstances that are beyond someone’s control: The cancellation of the performance was due to circumstances beyond our control.

difficult: challenging, difficult, straitened, tragicThe death of Lorna’s father left her family in straitened circumstances.particular: certain, individual, particular, personal, specificThis gives you the flexibility to study at a pace suited to your individual circumstances.normal: normalUnder normal circumstances, this will be credited to your account on the following working day.strange: mysterious, suspiciousWhen his uncle dies in mysterious circumstances, schoolboy Alex Rider stumbles into a world of mystery and intrigue.affecting a particular aspect of life: employment, family, financial, home, household, life, materialSometimes a child might come from very difficult home circumstances, and arrive in class in a terrible state.very sad: tragicThe band’s lead singer had died under tragic circumstances.

Verbs that frequently follow circumstance
cause a particular action: allow someone, compel someone, demand, dictate, force someone, justify, lead to, necessitate, permit someone, prevent someone, require someone, warrantIf circumstances force you to put off planting them until later, remember to unpack the bulbs as soon as they arrive.We will seek to implement the change as soon as economic circumstances permit.exist: apply, arise, exist, occur, prevailThe military worth of the target would need to be considered in relation to the circumstances prevailing at the time.

Usage note

You can also talk about the circumstances surrounding a particular situation: The inquiry into the circumstances surrouding the death was led by a prominent member of the police force.

change: alter, changeHis circumstances had changed dramatically in the past year.

Nouns + of frequently used before circumstance
change, range, setThe decision will be made according to the set of circumstances in existence at the time.
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