cite collocations and examples

 UK /saɪt/

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mention something or someonequote from a particular source

Adverbs frequently used with cite
commonly, frequently, oft, often, widelyAsked why they would like to emigrate, the most oft cited reasons were “better quality of life” and “better weather”.
Nouns frequently used as the object of cite
case, evidence, example, instance, precedent, reason, statisticsMore than three quarters of full-time students cited financial reasons as the main obstacle they had to overcome.
Nouns frequently used after cite as
cause, evidence, example, factor, influence, justification, precedent, proof, reason, sourceLack of activity and a sense of belonging are often cited as the root cause of anti-social behaviour.

Usage note

Cite is very often passive in these combinations.

Nouns frequently used as the object of cite
article, paper, passage, reference, source, studyLang cites a German study that found the ingredients in a 50g pot of yoghurt had travelled 1,005 kilometres.
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