claim collocations and examples

 UK /kleɪm/

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state that something is true or that something belongs to you

Adverbs frequently used with claim
rightly: justifiably, justly, legitimately, rightfully, rightlyGaelic can legitimately claim to be Scotland’s oldest living language.wrongly: falsely, fraudulently, wronglyThey wrongly claimed that our trade mark infringed their trade mark rights.
Nouns frequently used as the object of claim
legal right: allowance, asylum, benefit, compensation, damages, discount, exemption, expenses, rebate, refund, reimbursement, reliefIf someone injures you as a result of deliberate foul play then you will be able to claim compensation for your injuries.achievement or praise: credit, victoryIt was not my intention to claim any credit for myself, but for the good work the team has done.
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