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 UK /klɑːs/

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a social group, based on income, job, education etc

Adjectives frequently used with class
poorer: exploited, labouring, lower, oppressed, workingHealth improved for the lower classes, as rationing brought greater equality in food distribution.richer or more educated: educated, landowning, leisured, middle, privileged, propertied, ruling, upper, upper-middleHistorically, women who left home came mainly from the aristocracy and upper-middle socialSocial class influences the educational attainments of pupils.
Nouns frequently used after class
relating to the differences between the classes: conflict, consciousness, differences, divide, struggleA class divide soon began to develop between the landed gentry, the factory owners and the workers.system: systemThe film is a brilliant satire on the English class system.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with class
age, creed, ethnicity, gender, race, sexualityTeachers set high expectations for their pupils, no matter what their class or race.

a group of people learning something together; a lesson or course of lessons

Adjectives frequently used with class
exercise, fitness, keep-fitlevel: advanced, beginners, intermediate, introductory, master, mixed-abilityIn a mixed-ability class, high-ability kids can be left to read by themselves, while teachers help the low-ability kids.time: evening, weekly, one-hour, two-hour etcHe is teaching a 10-week course of evening classes, ‘Mosaics Made Easy’.
Verbs frequently used with class
give a class: hold, offer, organize, run, teachWe offer English classes, computer training and careers advice.attend a class: attend, do, go to, join, takeI am taking evening classes in Spanish.miss a class: miss, skipIt won’t matter if you miss the occasional class.
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