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 UK /klɪə(r)/

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obvious and impossible to misunderstand

Adverbs frequently used with clear
very: absolutely, abundantly, perfectly, veryA problem that I found totally incomprehensible suddenly became perfectly clear.fairly: fairly, pretty informal, quite, reasonablyIt is pretty clear that there need to be big changes in the way we a bad way: painfullyAfter Hurricane Katrina, it was painfully clear that the government’s emergency response was inadequate.not: insufficiently, not, not entirelySales of the product were poor, and the reasons for this are not entirely clear.
Nouns frequently used with clear
message: definition, demarcation, distinction, explanation, guidance, guideline, instruction, message, signal, statementShe doesn’t make any clear distinctions between email, the Web, newsgroups – it’s all called ‘the Net’.There is a handbook with brief, clear instructions.sign of something: evidence, indication, signThere is clear evidence that smokefree policies help smokers to quit.understanding: idea, picture, understanding, visionI meet with the client to get a clear idea of what he or she needs.aim: aim, objectiveA team must have clear competitions etc: mandate, victory, winnerNeither side had gained a clear victory.
Verbs frequently used with clear
be, become, make something, seemIt is clear that bold political leadership will be needed.The consequences of any actions should be made very clear to the employee.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with clear
simple: concise, simple, straightforward, succinct, understandableIn clear and simple language he explains what Reiki is.correct: accurate, preciseThe campaign aims to give young people clear and accurate information about drugs.logical: coherent, consistent, logical, unambiguous, unequivocalGlasgow needs a clear and coherent plan for regeneration.
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