client collocations and examples

 UK /ˈklaɪənt/

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someone who pays for professional services

Adjectives frequently used with client
present or future: existing, new, potential, prospectiveAny time a potential client wants to see your products, simply refer them to your website.important: discerning, important, major, prestigious, wealthyI was working on a project for a major individual or an organization: blue-chip, commercial, corporate, individual, institutional, privateWe advise both those in the voluntary sector and private clients.
Verbs frequently used with client
get clients: take onHe’s got so much work that he can’t take on any new clients at a client: act for, advise, assist, help, serve, service, supportThe Visa service is able to assist clients with processing British passport applications.

Usage note

When somebody is working for a client, you can say that they are working on behalf of a client: We undertake contract research on behalf of Higher Education clients.

meet with a client: entertain, meet, visitWe offer an exciting and sophisticated venue for entertaining corporate clients.please a client: attract, impress, satisfyTo impress a potential client you need both knowledge and experience.
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