climate collocations and examples

 UK /ˈklaɪmət/

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the weather in a country or region

Adjectives frequently used with climate
warm/cold: cold, cool, hot, sunny, warmThis is Scotland, so none of us is used to working in a hot climate.wet/dry: arid, dry, humid, wetThe island’s arid climate makes farming difficult.moderate/extreme: extreme, harsh, mild, temperateNew England has a temperate climate with warm sunny summers.belonging to a particular type of region: continental, global, maritime, oceanic, sub-tropical, tropicalGinger grows in tropical climates.
Verbs frequently used with climate
enjoy, haveDevon enjoys a mild climate even during the winter months.
Verbs that frequently follow climate
change, cool, shift, vary, warmWhen the climate warms, according to the theory, fresh water from melting Arctic glaciers flows into the North Atlantic
Nouns frequently used after climate
change, model, prediction, scientist, variabilityNASA scientists have discovered new evidence of climate change.

people’s attitudes at a particular time

Adjectives frequently used with climate
in a particular area: business, economic, financial, intellectual, moral, politicalInformation is your most valuable asset in today’s fast moving business climate.current: current, present, prevailingThe prevailing economic climate presents major challenges for the construction industry.helpful: conducive, favourableThis process establishes a climate conducive to learning.
Verbs frequently used with climate
create, fosterInstead of setting hospital against hospital, we need to foster a climate of co-operation.
Nouns frequently used after climate of
fear or anger: distrust, fear, hostility, hysteria, insecurity, intolerance, mistrust, paranoia, suspicion, uncertaintyTerrorism creates a climate of openness, tolerance, trustThe treaty can only work in a climate of openness and mutual trust.opinion: opinionThe climate of public opinion has changed.
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