clock collocations and examples

 UK /klɒk/

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an object that shows the time

Adjectives frequently used with clock
whether a clock is showing the right time or not: accurate, fast, slow, wrongThat clock’s half an hour fast.types of clock: 24-hour, atomic, digital, electric, mechanical, quartzEach satellite carries an incredibly accurate atomic clock.
Verbs frequently used with clock
make a clock ready for use: adjust, reset, set, windI’ve been gradually setting the alarm clock later and later.change the the time to an earlier or later time: put back, put forwardDid you remember to put your clocks back?make a clock stop working: stopHe stopped the clock at 4:11:44.look at a clock: glance at, keep an eye on, look at, watchHave you ever sat by the window in class, idly watching the clock for time to pass?
Verbs that frequently follow clock
when a clock makes a sound: chime, go off, strike, tickThe alarm clock went off at seven.As we crossed the Market Place, the Guildhall clock struck 6 o’clock.when everyone changes the time on their clocks: go back, go forwardDon’t forget, tomorrow is the day the clocks go back.

Usage note

Clock is always plural in these combinations: Please note that the clocks go forward this Saturday so it is going to be a very early start.

when a clock stops working: stopThe electric clock had stopped at 4.20 a particular time: sayThe alarm clock said 6.30.
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