close collocations and examples

 UK /kləʊs/

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only a short distance away

Adverbs frequently used with close
very: really, veryThe office is really close to the airport.fairly: fairly, pretty informal, quite, reasonably, relativelySalisbury station is quite close to the city close that there is a danger of harm: dangerously, perilously, uncomfortablyI couldn’t get a good view of the waterfall without getting perilously close to the a useful way: convenientlyThe flat is conveniently close to all forms of transport.when you are excited about something that you probably cannot get: tantalizinglyThe fish was tantalizingly close but just out of reach.
Nouns frequently used with close
proximity, quarters, rangeThere are two car parks in close proximity to the shopping centre.This is an opportunity to view wildlife at close quarters.
Verbs frequently used with close
come, draw, get, moveDon’t get too close to the fire.

careful and involving attention to detail

Nouns frequently used with close
look at something: examination, inspection, look, reading, scrutinyOn closer inspection the piece of metal proved to be a Roman coin.when you watch or pay attention to something: attention, eye, supervision, watchFrom here on we have to keep a close eye on the map and navigate by field boundaries.

similar but not exactly the same

Nouns frequently used with close
approximation, match, parallel, resemblanceHe bore a close facial resemblance to Einstein.

connected by shared interests or feelings

Nouns frequently used with close
relationship or working together: association, cooperation, friendship, liaison, link, partnership, relationshipThis has been achieved in close liaison with our colleagues in the marketing department.person: associate, friend
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