cloud collocations and examples

 UK /klaʊd/

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a mass of water drops in the sky

Adjectives frequently used with cloud
thick or heavy: billowing, heavy, thickWebsites predicted thick cloud and heavy snow.colour: black, dark, grey, whiteLow black clouds made photography difficult.looking as though it will rain soon: ominous, threateningSome ominous clouds began to gather over Castle Combe.high/low: high, lowThe weather was terrible – low cloud and rain, rain, rain.thin or light: broken, fluffy, light, thinIt was a day of clear blue sky with a few fluffy clouds overhead.
Nouns frequently used before cloud
rain, storm, thunderThe weather is turning and rain clouds have been passing over us.
Verbs that frequently follow cloud
when clouds form or appear: form, gather, hang, hover, loom, spread, thickenBlack clouds were gathering over the mountains to the north.when clouds disappear: clear, disperse, lift, partAs we started to make our way down into the valley, the clouds parted and there was a brief sunny period.when clouds move across the sky: drift, float, move, roll, scudThere was a beautiful crescent moon and clouds scudded dramatically across it.when clouds hide something: cover, obscureThe lower hills can provide more attractive walks in poor weather, especially when the higher summits are obscured by clouds.
Nouns frequently used after cloud
cover, formation, layerThe weather was just right for walking, not too hot, with a little cloud cover.
Nouns + in frequently used before cloud
breakSuddenly, there was a break in the clouds and the sun shone.
Verbs + in frequently used before cloud
be enveloped in, be shrouded inThe ridge is often shrouded in thick cloud.
Nouns + of frequently used before cloud
band, bank, blanket, layer, mass, patch, veil, wispThe bank of clouds which had been steadily rolling in over the last hour arrived, and it started to rain heavily.

a large amount of a substance in the air

Adjectives frequently used with cloud
dense, great, huge, thickA thick cloud of smoke rose over the house.
Verbs frequently used with cloud
create, produceThe impact of the meteorite would create a huge cloud of dust.
Nouns frequently used after cloud of
ash, dust, gas, smoke, steam, vapourThe flames spluttered out in clouds of steam.
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