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 UK /kəʊd/

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a system for sending secret messages

Adjectives frequently used with code
secretDaring escapes, secret codes and naval espionage drive a plot that is exciting to the end.
Nouns frequently used before code
MorseMorse code telegraphy, even in the hands of a very skilled operator, is quite slow.
Verbs frequently used with code
learn how to understand a code: break, crack, decipherBletchley Park was the largest code-breaking establishment the world had ever seen, where brilliant minds worked to crack German codes.use a code to write something: write inIt was at Oxford that he started to keep a diary, an old red note book in which he would sometimes write in code.
Nouns frequently used after code
name, wordThey would also need to have special code names to protect their identities.

a set of rules about how to do something

Adjectives frequently used with code
that must be obeyed: strictCompanies follow a strict code of Good Manufacturing Practice.that people can choose to obey: voluntaryPrior to the passing of the law, tobacco advertising was regulated by a voluntary code of practice agreed between the tobacco industry and the government.not written down: unwrittenThere is an unwritten code of behaviour at business meetings.activity or field in which a code applies: disciplinary, ethical, ministerial, moral, penal, professionalThey have a strict moral code, and will usually try and abide by it.
Verbs frequently used with code
when someone does not obey a code: breach, break, contraveneOur disciplinary procedures already provide protection for the public against members who breach our strict code of conduct.when someone obeys a code: abide by, adhere to, adopt, comply with, follow, keep toSchools must comply with a code of practice which says that their admissions process must be clear, fair and impartial.when someone makes people obey a code: enforce, introduceThe restaurant is open to non-residents but the jacket-and-tie dress code is strictly enforced.
Nouns frequently used after code of
behaviour, conduct, ethics, honour, practiceSome within the industry are suggesting a voluntary code of conduct.
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