coincidence collocations and examples

 UK /kəʊˈɪnsɪd(ə)ns/

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a situation where things happen together by chance

Adjectives frequently used with coincidence
emphasizing that it is a coincidence: complete, mere, pure, sheerIt’s pure coincidence that I come from the north and the film is set in the north.strange or surprising: amazing, bizarre, curious, extraordinary, odd, remarkable, spooky informal, strange, uncannyBy some strange coincidence we ended up teaching at the same school.when something good or bad happens: fortunate, happy, lucky, unfortunateBy a happy coincidence (for the broadcasters), the announcement of the election happened during a long newspaper strike.
Verbs that frequently follow coincidence
happen, occurThen, in 1850, a very curious coincidence occurred.
Nouns + of frequently used before coincidence
number, series, stringThe story seems much too far-fetched to ring true, while the plot is driven by a remarkable series of coincidences.

Usage note

Coincidence is always plural in these combinations.

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