cold collocations and examples

 UK /kəʊld/

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with low or lower than normal temperature

Adverbs frequently used with cold
very: bitingly, bitterly, extremely, freezing, intensely, really, stone, terribly, veryIt was a bitterly cold afternoon.

Usage note

You can also use the expression cold as ice to say that something or someone is very cold: I felt his hands and they were as cold as ice.

rather: a bit informal, a little, pretty informal, quite, ratherThe weather had turned rather cold and windy.unusually: exceptionally, unseasonably, unusuallyIt was unseasonably cold for the time of year.

Verbs frequently used with cold
feel or become cold: become, feel, get, go, grow, turnMy hands didn’t feel cold any more, which was a relief.The weather was turning colder and animals were starting to hibernate.when food is served: eat something, serve somethingThis dish can also be served cold with salad.remain: keep something, remain, stayThe boiler came on, but the radiators stayed cold.
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