college collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒlɪdʒ/

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a place that gives qualifications to students, either below or at degree level

Adjectives frequently used with college
agricultural, local, technical, theologicalMany local amateur radio clubs and societies and technical colleges run courses specifically for the Advanced Radio Communications Examination.
Nouns frequently used before college
art, community, FE, further education, language, music, sixth-form, sports, teacher-training, technology, universityOther key partners in this project are the library service and the local FE college.
Verbs frequently used with college
ask to study at a college: apply toShe applied to the local FE at or begin a course at a college: attend, enrol at, enter, go to, start, study atMore opportunities for school pupils to attend colleges will help increase skill levels in Scotland.complete a course at a college: finish, graduate from, leaveAfter leaving college she set up her own studio with the aid of a Crafts Council grant.stop going to a college: drop out ofHe dropped out of college in his second year, before he had taken his exams.
Verbs that frequently follow college
offer something, provide something, run somethingThe college offers over 400 vocational and educational courses, most leading to a qualification.
Nouns frequently used after college
campus, course, degree, graduate, leaver, lecturer, library, principal, staff, student, tutorThis is a buy-and-sell book service for college students.
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