colour collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkʌlə(r)/

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red, blue, green etc

Adjectives frequently used with colour
bright: bright, brilliant, vibrant, vividThe ancient meadows and pastures are at there best in summer, with bright colours, smells and the humming of insects.strong: bold, intense, rich, strongCook it over a medium heat, stirring frequently, until it turns a rich golden colour.dark: dark, deepThe meat goes a darker colour very quickly, which customers find unacceptable.light: light, muted, pale, pastel, softAll the rooms on the ground floor have tiled floors and are painted in white or pastel colours.when something is completely in colour: fullThe catalogue features nearly 300 items in full colour, together with a full inventory of the collection.types of colour: complementary, matching, natural, neutral, primary, warmThe costumes of the main characters will be in strong primary colours.attractive: beautiful, lovelyThe fish and coral were such beautiful colours.
Nouns frequently used before colour
a person’s hair, eyes etc: eye, hair, skinAll over the world people are subjected to cruel treatment because of their race, language, or skin colour.set of colours: autumn, rainbowButterflies with rainbow colours wafted on the scented air.

Usage note

Colour is often plural in these combinations.

Verbs frequently used with colour
add, change, match, mix, useI love autumn, when the trees start to change colour.
Verbs that frequently follow colour
fade, match, rangeHe painted in a variety of soft colours ranging from yellows through to greens and browns.
Nouns frequently used after colour
coding, combination, palette, schemeThe orange-and-red colour scheme is inspired by the decor in my new bedroom, which is lovely and warm and cosy.
Nouns + of frequently used before colour
small amount: splashThey added bulbs in planters for an extra splash of colour.many bright colours together: array, blaze, kaleidoscope, riotThe fruit-and-vegetable markets near the harbour are a riot of colour.range: combination, rangeA wide range of colours are available.form: shadeUse several different colours and a variety of shades of those colours.
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