comeback collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkʌmˌbæk/

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a period when someone or something becomes successful or popular again

Adjectives frequently used with comeback
great: big, great, impressive, magnificent, spirited, strong, successful, triumphantA spirited comeback saw him eventually finish in third place.surprising: amazing, astonishing, dramatic, remarkable, stunning, surprise, unlikelyThirteen points down, the visitors started to mount an unlikely comeback.late: late, long-awaitedAlthough they made a late comeback, there was only ever one side in it,.
Verbs frequently used with comeback
make a comeback: make, mount, stageShe made a bid to stage her triumphant screen comeback.attempt a comeback: attempt, planHe attempted a comeback with a little success the following season.
Nouns frequently used after comeback
musical event or item: album, concert, gig, single, tourHis much-awaited comeback album only made number 8.sporting event: game, match, raceHe had been out of action with an ankle problem and took a kick on the calf in his comeback match.
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