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 UK /ˈkɒment/

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a spoken or written remark that gives an opinion

Adjectives frequently used with comment
useful: constructive, helpful, revealing, usefulThanks for your generous and constructive comments.noticing or understanding well: astute, fair, incisive, informed, insightful, interesting, perceptive, pertinent, thoughtfulHis remarks were accepted as fair comment on the situation.The songs are full of his perceptive comments on society.not noticing or understanding well: ill-informed, inane, stupidAnnoyed with inane comments, I posted inane responses myself.positive: appreciative, favourable, positiveThe monthly policy report continued to receive favourable comment.negative: adverse, critical, defamatory, derogatory, negative, unfavourableNo derogatory comments about individuals or groups, please.offensive: bigoted, libellous, offensive, racistObscenities and offensive comments are banned.against a group of people: bigoted, racist, sexistRude or racist comments will be erased.rude: lewd, ribald, rudeThe foul-mouthed audience made lewd comments, trying to provoke me.unpleasant: caustic, sarcastic, scathing, snideShe used to make snide comments to our parents if we had misbehaved.clever or funny: pithy, witty, wryHer witty comments and stories were hilarious.not serious: flippant, throwawayA throwaway comment in one film can become central to the next.careless: offhand, unguardedThe immediacy of email makes unguarded comments all too easy.not asked for: unsolicitedTen thousand unsolicited comments were received and a content analysis was the beginning/end: closing, concluding, final, introductory, openingHe invited the head of college to make some introductory comments.more: additional, furtherWe may have further comments in the future.short: brief, quickSubmit an addition or make a quick comment on this article.
Verbs frequently used with comment
make a comment: add, leave, make, offer, post, submit, writeThis is an informal area for visitors to post comments.

Usage note

You can also use the expression pass comment meaning to make a comment: She refused to pass comment on the accusations.

ask for comments: elicit, invite, request, seek, solicitWe invite comments on the issue of compensation on dismissal.cause someone to comment: attract, provokeI knew my remarks would provoke a comment or two!welcome: appreciate, value, welcomeWe would sincerely appreciate your comments and feedback.take back a comment: delete, retract, take backThe mayor has refused to retract his comment or apologize.ignore: disregard, ignoreIgnore any nasty comments.

Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with comment
ideas: feedback, ideas, observation, opinions, suggestions, thoughts, viewsComments and suggestions should be mailed to the following address.questions: inquiries, queries, questionsI look forward to any questions or comments you have.changes: additions, amendments, correctionsPlease contact our website with any comments or corrections.complaint or criticism: complaint, criticism, objectionsShould you have a comment or complaint to make about a product we provide then please contact us in writing.
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