commentary collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒmənt(ə)ri/

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a discussion of something

Adjectives frequently used with commentary
short: briefShe provides a brief commentary on the various chapters in the book.types of commentary: critical, editorial, political, social, textualWrite a critical commentary on the following good information: detailed, incisive, informative, insightfulThese volumes contain detailed verse-by-verse authoritative, expertExpert commentary has ensured the book’s leading position.relevant to the present: topicalThe broadcast provided a topical commentary on America.
Verbs frequently used with commentary
give, offer, provide, writeHe has written an expert commentary on the latest economic developments.

a description of an event, for example on radio or television

Adjectives frequently used with commentary
live: liveI was listening to the live radio commentary on the game.continuous: runningThe teacher gave a running commentary as he carried out the experiment.describing how the commentary is provided: audio, live-text, online, radioClick here for live-text commentary from the Olympics.
Verbs frequently used with commentary
do, give, keep up, provideAll the news stations provided a commentary on the progress of the talks.
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