commission collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈmɪʃ(ə)n/

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an official group that is in charge of something or asked to find out about something

Adjectives frequently used with commission
types of commission: judicial, parliamentary, presidential, royal, stateHe has been appointed to a parliamentary commission to draw up plans for the reform of the health service.range of the commission: international, nationalShe was released unharmed after members of the international commission intervened.established by law: statutoryThe new statutory commission will take over this function in advice: advisoryHe announced the creation of a presidential advisory commission.independent: independentThese functions are carried out by independent electoral commissions.
Verbs frequently used with commission
set up a commission: appoint, create, establish, set upWhile in power he created a state road commission.lead a commission: chair, headThe judge who chaired the commission warned that the report was an alarm call.

an extra amount of money that you pay for a service or earn when you sell something

Adjectives frequently used with commission
large: generous, hefty, high, largeThe sellers were mainly interested in collecting hefty commissions.small: smallFor every item purchased the site receives a small commission of around 5 per cent.fixed: fixedI’d rather the commission were fixed.
Verbs frequently used with commission
earn commission: earn, get, receiveYou’ll get a small commission on every item you commission: payWe pay 20 per cent commission on everything!charge commission: chargeYou’ll get a good exchange rate and we don’t charge commission.take off commission: deductWe only received about £100, once the commission had been deducted.
Nouns frequently used after commission
rate: percentage, rateThis leads directly to highly competitive commission rates.charge: charge, fee, paymentCommission payments are only one part of the costs of share transactions.method: basisNone of our consultants is paid on a commission basis.
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