commit collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈmɪt/

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do something illegal or morally wrong

Nouns frequently used as the object of commit
when you kill yourself: hara-kiri, suicideThe situation is complicated when he is arrested and commits suicide in prison.something against the law: adultery, arson, assault, burglary, crime, felony, fraud, genocide, homicide, murder, offence, perjury, robbery, theft, treason, violenceIf you drive without wearing your lenses or glasses, you are committing an offence.something wrong: sacrilege, sinHe begged for forgiveness for the terrible sins he had act that is wrong: act, deedThere were many extremists who were willing to commit acts of violence.a mistake: blunder, error, mistakeShe committed an error that led to loss of life.
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