committee collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈmɪti/

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a group, representing a larger group, which discusses and makes decisions about a particular subject

Adjectives frequently used with committee
management: executive, management, steeringAn executive committee decides on spending.advising: advisory, consultativeBoth parties are guided by advisory committees.of a government: all-party, congressional, cross-party, ministerial, parliamentary, select, senateA parliamentary select committee recommended it.working together: jointThe two associations set up a joint committee.
Verbs frequently used with committee
form a committee: appoint, convene, establish, form, organize, set upThe two parties agree to form a joint in charge of a committee: chair, headHe chaired the first courses committee.when a committee’s work is stopped: disbandIts objectives achieved, the committee was disbanded.
Verbs that frequently follow committee
meet: meetThese committees meet four times a year.decide: agree, approve, conclude, decide, determine, recommendThe committee decided to apply for a loan from the European fund.discuss: consider, discuss, reviewThe executive committee is currently considering options.
Nouns frequently used after committee
chair, chairman, meeting, memberEach region has its own regional chair and committee members.
Verbs + for frequently used before committee
run, standMembers were urged to encourage colleagues to stand for the committee.
Verbs + on frequently used before committee
be, serve, sit, workThey felt they had been serving on the committee too long.
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