commodity collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈmɒdəti/

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something that can be bought and sold

Adjectives frequently used with commodity
valuable: expensive, valuableIn the Middle Ages one valuable commodity was salt.rare: rare, scarceWater is already a scarce commodity worldwide.important: basic, important, vitalBasic food commodities include wheat, corn, soybeans, and large amounts: bulk, mass-producedIt is correct that about two thirds of existing rail freight is bulk commodities.decaying quickly: perishableThis will maximise the return on a highly perishable commodity.across the world: globalSoftware programming is becoming a global to be sold: marketable, saleable, tradableWe have to accept that radio is a marketable commodity.
Verbs frequently used with commodity
trade commodities: buy, new, sell, trade, trade inThe main commodities traded were nutmeg and mace.move between countries: export, importThe arid climate forced the inhabitants to import most commodities.produce commodities: producePrivate funding will be directed toward producing profitable commodities.
Nouns frequently used after commodity
prices: futures, pricesThe more bullish argue there is scope for rises in commodity exchange, export, market, tradingInformation on commodity markets is hard to come by.someone who trades: broker, traderHe spent several years as a commodity trader.

something that is useful or necessary

Adjectives frequently used with commodity
precious, rare, scarce, valuableWith time a very precious commodity we had to start straight away.
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