communicate collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈmjuːnɪkeɪt/

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express thoughts, feelings, or information

Adverbs frequently used with communicate
well: accurately, adequately, appropriately, clearly, effectively, efficiently, meaningfully, powerfully, properly, successfully, wellSupport and advice is available on how to communicate effectively.ways of communicating: electronically, non-verbally, orally, telepathically, verbally, visually, wirelesslyWe are used to communicating verbally and visually through gesturesdirectly: directlyFans can communicate directly with band members.easily: confidently, easily, fluentlyThey could communicate fluently and effectively with an English speaker.privately: privately, securelyThis software allows customers to communicate securely with their bank.quickly: instantaneously, instantly, promptly, quicklyThese notices were communicated almost instantaneously.
Nouns frequently used as the object of communicate
information or ideas: concept, data, idea, information, knowledge, meaning, message, news, thoughts, truth, understanding, viewThe poet selects language that best communicates his message.result: decision, findings, outcome, resultThe managers communicated the decision to the staff at a hastily convened meeting.feeling: emotions, enthusiasm, excitement, feelings, loveDogs have a good ability to communicate their feelings and needs.wishes or plans: intentions, plans, wishesHe can no longer walk or talk or communicate his wishes to his relations.
Nouns frequently used after communicate by
email, language, letter, phone, radio, sound, telephone, wordsOnly the transport police were able to communicate by radio.
Nouns frequently used after communicate through
email, internet, language, medium, music, speech, website, words, writingSince the earliest cave dwellers people have communicated through the medium of art.
Nouns frequently used after communicate via
email, Internet, mail, telephone, websiteAll information about courses and is communicated via email.
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