communication collocations and examples

 UK /kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/

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the expression of thoughts, feelings, or information

Adjectives frequently used with communication
types of communication: cross-cultural, electronic, intercultural, non-verbal, oral, peer-to-peer, person-to-person, verbal, visual, writtenSuch relationships require strategies such the appropriate use of non-verbal communication.good: effective, excellent, goodThe most important contribution you can make is to ensure good communication.poor: poorIT is plagued by poor communication between engineers and software writers.quick: instant, instantaneous, real-timeMiracle mini-gadgets have made instant communication a fact of two directions: bidirectional, two-wayConcentrate on ensuring good two-way secureAn open channel is unsuitable for secure business communications.involving many people: massHis concern was with mass communication and the cinema was his medium.
Verbs frequently used with communication
establish communication: establish, initiateSchools should establish clear communication with parents and carers.improve communication: aid, develop, encourage, enhance, facilitate, foster, improve, promoteWe hope our findings may help to improve communication.provide communication: ensure, maintain, manage, provide, supportWe pride ourselves on maintaining good communication with our clients.prevent or interrupt communication: disrupt, hinder, impede, preventHevay snow disrupted communication with the outside world.
Verbs that frequently follow communication
break down, failCommunication has failed and the messages that do get through are alarming.

Usage note

You can also talk about a breakdown in communication: They attributed poor staff morale to a breakdown in communication.

Nouns frequently used after communication
skill: skillIt is essential you have excellent written communication skills.problem: breakdown, difficulties, problemsSpeech therapists can help with communication difficulties.
Nouns + of frequently used before communication
channel, form, line, means, medium, method, modeIs a poem the correct means of communication?
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