community collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈmjuːnəti/

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the people who live in a particular area; a group of people who are the same in some way

Adjectives frequently used with community
involving a particular area: global, international, localThe international community was looking at the issue urgently.whole: entire, whole, widerThere was also an opportunity to share views with others in the wider of a community: farming, fishing, miningThe town was once a farming community.area of interest: academic, business, healthcare, research, scientificWe advise all sectors of the business community involved in construction.on the Internet: blogging, internet, online, user, virtualGuidance material will be produced in close collaboration with the user communities.of a religion or nationality: ethnic, ethnic minority, faith, indigenous, minority, religiousThe report brings out issues relating to the attitudes of ethnic minority communities.from another country: immigrant, migrant, refugeeImmigrant communities were quickly established in the large industrial cities.with a disadvantage: disadvantaged, marginalizedThis paper focuses on disadvantaged ethnic communities.successful: sustainable, thriving, vibrantThis is a thriving community with many village shops.closely united: close-knit, cohesive, tight-knitYou will need the ability to live and work in a small tight-knit community.
Verbs frequently used with community
help a community: benefit, help, serve, supportThe projects benefits the whole community.create a community or make it strong: build, create, empower, revitalize, strengthen, unite, uniteThey work to create communities in which people are proud to live and work.involve the community: engage, involveWe involved the entire community in the decision-making process.
Nouns frequently used after community
activity or feeling: activity, engagement, involvement, participation, spiritThere should be strong parental and community involvement.project: enterprise, initiative, projectCan a community enterprise be a charity?
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