commuter collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈmjuːtə(r)/

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someone who travels regularly to and from work

Adjectives frequently used with commuter
daily, regularRegular commuters pay thousands a year just for parking!
Nouns frequently used before commuter
in a vehicle: bus, car, cycle, rail, trainFor the rail commuter there is a mainline service taking approximately one hour.time of travel: evening, morning, rush-hourThis is perfect for early-morning commuters.
Nouns frequently used after commuter
vehicle: bike, bus, car, trainThree out of twenty commuter trains were cancelled.where commuters live: belt, town, villageThey left the commuter belt for a new home close to the coast.ways the commuters travel: journey, line, link, railway, route, service, stationYou might find our pubs by a main commuter route.for commuters: fare, parkingThese zones seek to control commuter parking.
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