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 UK /ˈkʌmp(ə)ni/

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an organization providing services or making goods

Adjectives frequently used with company
large/small: large, major, medium-sized, smallLarge companies and government departments are considering decentralization.successful: profitable, successfulThe successful retail company has been trading for over 20 years.owned by whom: family-owned, independent, private, publicly owned, state-ownedHe highlighted the failed privatization of the state-owned electricity company.with a good reputation: established, reputableThis makes it more difficult for new entrants to undercut established companies.where a company operates: foreign, global, international, internet, local, multinational, transnationalThe machine is being bought by a multinational company.related to another company: affiliated, holding, parent, sister, subsidiaryThe law does not prevent affiliated companies from sharing customer data with one another.for profit: commercialThe exhibitions present sponsorship opportunities for commercial companies.not for profit: not-for-profitIt is now run as a not-for-profit company.doing new things: innovativeWe represent many innovative companies.
Verbs frequently used with company
start a company: establish, form, found, incorporate, launch, register, set up, start, start upThe company was founded in 1972.close a company: dissolve, liquidate, wind upWhen all the assets have been sold, the company is a company: acquire, buy, take overIt plans to use the money to acquire other companies.manage a company: head, manage, runHe runs his own company, organising events for the IT industry.make a company larger: build, expandThey have plans to expand the company next for a company: join, work forFinding like-minded designers to join the company was difficult.stop working for a company: leave, resign fromMany of the senior managers were forced to leave the company.
Verbs that frequently follow company
make or provide: make, manufacture, produce, provide, sell, specialize in, supplyThe company manufactured operateToday there are still seven companies operating in the zone.grow: expand, growThe company has expanded both nationally and internationally.stop doing business: fail, go bankrupt, go bust informal, go into liquidation, go out of business, go underDid the company fail because of the mismanagement by the Directors?

the fact of being with another person or with other people

Adjectives frequently used with company
enjoyable: congenial, convivial, goodThis event should appeal to lovers of convivial company and good conversation.
Verbs frequently used with company
enjoy company: enjoyShe enjoys the company of the other children at playtime.look for or need company: need, seek, wantWhen you’re depressed you need company.He seeks the company of the older and more sophisticated company for someone: be, keep someoneGet her a dog. It’ll be company for her.I’ll come along to the meeting with you to keep you company.

a group of actors, singers, dancers or soldiers

Adjectives frequently used with company
travelling: touringThe players were drawn from professional touring companies.small/large: large, smallThey run one of the most exciting small opera companies in the country.
Nouns frequently used before company
types of company: ballet, dance, repertory, theatreThe festival will feature 600 theatre companies from all over the world.
Nouns frequently used after company of
entertainers: actors, dancers, performers, singersA superbly versatile company of eleven actors brought both plays to life.soldiers: infantry, soldiersA company of infantry was stationed there.
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