comparative collocations and examples

 UK /kəmˈpærətɪv/

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judged in comparison to something else

Nouns frequently used with comparative
benefit: advantageFactors which produced a comparative advantage in one period can disappear in the next.the fact of being easy: easeThe problem was then solved with comparative ease.state of being uncommon or not well known: insignificance, obscurity, rarityToday black and white film use is a comparative rarity.

involving the comparison of two or more things

Nouns frequently used with comparative
study: analysis, approach, assessment, evaluation, examination, overview, research, study, survey, test, trialThe article provides a comparative study of the subject.fields of study: anatomy, etc, law, linguistics, philology, politics, religionThe observation sparked widespread fascination with comparative philology.information: informationThe website provides comparative information on a hundred models of car.
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