compensation collocations and examples

 UK /ˌkɒmpənˈseɪʃ(ə)n/

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money that someone receives because something bad has happened to them

Adjectives frequently used with compensation
financial: financial, monetaryDiscrimination is likely to require financial compensation.that must be paid: due, payableParliament ruled that no compensation was due to investors.of a large amount: ample, full, maximum, substantialThe maximum compensation payable is £50.00.of a reasonable amount: adequate, appropriate, fair, proper, reasonableI will continue to fight for full and fair compensation.
Verbs frequently used with compensation
have the right to compensation: be eligible for, be entitled to, qualify forMost of the employees have less than 2 years’ service and so are not entitled to compensation.ask for compensation: apply for, ask for, claim, demand, seek, sue forHe decided to seek compensation from the holiday company.

Usage note

You say that you are claiming etc a certain amount in compensation: The company demanded $6 million in compensation from the government.

give compensation: agree, award, offer, pay, promise, provideIf we cause damage to your vehicle, we will pay reasonable compensation.receive compensation: gain, get, obtain, receive, secure, winCan I get compensation if I suffer an injury at work?

Nouns frequently used after compensation
request: claimShe is making a compensation claim against the company for loss of earnings.payment: agreement, award, package, payment, payout, settlementThe firm has agreed to a compensation package for the victims’ families.
Nouns frequently used after compensation for
accident, damage, discrimination, dismissal, inconvenience, injury, loss, negligenceCompensation for medical negligence was paid on 1 February last year.
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